Signature Facial

80 minutes/ $110.00                                                   Series of 6 / $550.00
Designed for all skin types, this facial repairs and restores clarity. Your aesthetician will assist you in tailoring a facial to get the results you want.

Organic Balancing Facial

60 minutes/ $85.00                                                    Series of 6/ $425.00
Great for a first time facial. Using an organic blend of products to balance and hydrate for that healthy glow.

Ageless Anti-Aging Facial

60 minutes/ $85.00                                                     Series of 6/ $425.00
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for dehydrated, dry, or mature skin. Will leave you with a glow.

Acne Facial

60 minutes/ $85.00                                                     Series of 6/ $425.00
Your skin will be cleansed and rebalanced with our clear cell line. Treats acne to correct the signs of damage and blemishes.

Teen Facial

60 minutes/ $85.00                                                   Series of 6/  $425.00
Introduce your teen to proper skin care. Ages 13-17. Helps restore sensitive and problematic skin.

Hydra Facial

50 minutes/ $150.00                                                   Series of 6/ $750.00
Reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles with this hydro-dermabrasion treatment. Begins with a deep cleansing, followed with an infusion of antioxidants and hydrating hyaluronic acid. This treatment provides skin with a glowing, flawless appearance.

Sensitive Facial

60 minutes/ $85.00                                                    Series of 6/ $425.00
Soothe the skin with a gentle facial. Helps minimize inflammation and redness for improved texture and healthy glow.


Facial only/ $85.00                                                         Series of 6/ $425.00
Neck and décolletage/ $100.00                          Series of 6/ $550.00
A non-aggressive service using tiny crystals to remove imperfections. Enjoy instant results with fine lines and wrinkles. Also helps with hyperpigmentation and minor scarring with no down time.

Mini Facial

30 minutes/ $40.00
A quick cleanse, exfoliation and hydration. Instantly refreshing when you are on the go.

Skin Pen

Single treatment/ $300.00                                         Series of 3 / $750.00
A revolutionary rolling skin microneedling treatment that helps boost your own production of collagen so your skin can repair itself. Treats fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.




Contact for pricing

BodyScapes offers full body waxing for women and most areas for men. Waxing is priced by the area and may be adjusted, if necessary, to accommodate product usage.

Swedish Massage

60 min/$65.00     90 min/$95.00     Series of 6 $325.00/$475.00

A Swedish massage is a slow, gentle relaxing massage that uses effleurage, kneading, friction, and stretching. These movements will warm the muscles of the body to help release knots. Swedish massage promotes relaxation as well as other health benefits.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 min/$75.00     90 min/$115.00     Series of 6 $375.00/$575.00

A deep tissue massage is a type of massage that is aimed at the deeper tissue of the muscles and fascia. Using similar strokes as in a Swedish massage, the massage is a deeper pressure is more intense and focused on releasing knots.

Hot Stone Massage

60 min/$85.00     90 min/$125.00     Series of 6 $425.00/$625.00

A hot stone massage is a type of massage using warm, smooth stones as an extension of the therapist’s hands. This massage is relaxing and also works well to warm up tight muscles to allow the therapist to work more quickly and deeper into the muscles.

Prenatal Massage

60 min/ $70.00     Series of 6/ $350.00

Prenatal massage, promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, and relieves strained back and leg muscles for expectant mothers. Prenatal massage is especially beneficial in the second and third trimesters, when the extra weight in your belly puts a strain on your back. YOU MUST BE 13 WEEKS OR FURTHER TO RECEIVE THIS MASSAGE.


30 min/$40.00     Series of 6/ $200.00

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas of the feet and hands. Reflexology is usually relaxing and helps elevate stress. Pressure applied to certain areas affects the organs and benefits the person’s health.

Soma Cupping

60 min/ $85.00     Series of 6/ $425.00

Using glass or plastic cups along with a vacuum pump, creates a negative pressure on the skins surface. The cups are then gently moved using various techniques while gently pulling up. The cups can also be left in a specific spot to help release soft tissue.

Sports Massage

60 min/$75.00     Series of 6/ $375.00

Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to muscles and tendons. Sport massage is a form of Swedish massage to help stimulate blood circulation and lymph fluids. Sports massage includes movements to break down knots and increase range of motion.


60 min/$75.00     90 min/$110.00     Series of 6 $375.00/$550.00

Thai massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems. Thai massage is both relaxing and energizing. PLEASE WEAR LOOSE FITTING CLOTHES.

Raindrop Therapy

Call for pricing

Raindrop Therapy involves certain essential oils mixed with a variety of massage techniques including back massage, vita flex massage and heat application. It is designed to bring the body back into structural and electrical alignment. Raindrop Therapy can be used as a tool to provide a healthy balance to the body.

Sugar Foot Scrub


A sugar foot scrub can be added to any massage treatment to help smooth callouses, increase blood flow and soothe foot pain or discomfort. With several different aroma and texture options, you choose the scrub that is perfect for you.

Fantasy Tan Custom Airbrush Tanning


A  Fantasy Tan Custom Tan is like no other tan you’ve had before! 5 blendable solutions to create your one-of-a-kind color, after care products to extend the life of your tan, and only Fantasy Tan certified technicians creating your look.

Infrared Body Wrap

$50 – $300

The Infrared Body Wrap is a heat-intensive treatment that helps with pain reduction, detox and calorie burn. During an infrared body wrap, you will be wrapped in an Infrared Sauna Blanket for, up to, 60 minutes. The Sauna Blanket gradually heats up and stimulates your body to sweat to release toxins and burn calories. It is important to increase your water intake in the days leading up to your Infrared Body Wrap, as excessive sweating can lead to dehydration. Infrared Body Wraps can be purchased as individual sessions, or as a package of session.

  • Individual Session: $50.00
  • Package of 3 – $120.00
  • Package of 6 – $240.00
  • Package of 10 – $300.00

Herbal Body Wrap

$85 – $125

The Herbal Body Wrap is an inch-loss detox wrap. During Herbal Body Wrap, you will be wrapped in gauze bandage-like coverings that have been soaking in a botanical solution. This solution sinks into the skin and helps to dissipate toxins from your fat cells – this reduces the size of the cell, resulting in significant inch loss. You can be measured before and after your session if you would like to track your inch-loss immediately; typically clients lose between 4 and 6 inches over their entire body each treatment. Herbal Body Wraps can be purchased as individual sessions, or as a package of sessions.

  • Individual Session: $85.00
  • Package of 4 – $300.00
  • Package of 7 – $504.00
  • Package of 12 – $816.00