Fantasy Tan — the best in Custom Airbrush Tanning

Spring is right around the corner. If you’re ready to trade your winter-white for a sunkissed glow, we can take care of you!

BodyScapes now offers Fantasy Tan — airbrush tanning that is customized 100% to your skin and your desires! The philosophy is simple: give each client healthy, glowing skin. We do that by creating a custom color blend just for you during your appointment. With 5 Blendable Fantasy Tan Solutions, the possibilities are endless! See what Fantasy Tan has to say about each of these unique color solutions:

Youth: (Light) Youth was created to give fair skinned clients that flush look that comes from the beginning stages of UV tanning that develops into a light-fantasy tan imagegolden, healthy glow. Youth is our most famous color. While Youth was specifically created for very fair skinned clients, it is commonly used on all skin types because of its realistic effects.
Luck: (Medium) Needing something that looked like a more mature tan consistent with a week’s worth of UV tanning, Fantasy Tan created Luck. This formula is often combined with Youth for clients that are addicted to that realistic flush look.
Fame: (Medium) Let the red carpets roll! Fame is designed to be the perfect tan that you see celebrities flaunting in the spotlight. It’s “not too light” and “not over done.” Fame looks like the sun soaking, pure relaxation tan that one can expect to get from a two-week-long vacation in the Caribbean. Fame is not recommended for very fair skin.
Style: (Dark) “I’m screaming for attention”, is the effect embellished in our world-famous Style. This fun formula was designed to keep all eyes on you. Its unique bronze cast and mysterious persona will make its wearer the center of attention.
Bliss: (Dark) “Darker please. More tan, I want more Tan!” What could we say, other than YES? We realized that some customers want to be dark, but they have differing opinions on what they think is dark. So, Bliss was created as another color for those clients that want to push their limits without looking orange; but rather, have some flushed color with their indulgence. Bliss is a formula that keeps tanning up to 48 hours.

Stick with one color or mix ‘n match to find your one-of-a-kind blend. No matter what your needs are, a BodyScapes tanning expert will be ready to take care of you!



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